Miss Teen All-Star United States

beauty queens at the lake


We help our Teen Queens and Teen Title Holders promote education and their charities along with our national charities.   We also want a strongly patriotic representative of women who strongly support family and community. We believe in empowering our Teen Queens though education, community involvement and a healthy lifestyle.

The Miss Teen All-Star United StatesPageant Organization has assisted their national Miss Teen All-Star United States queen to walked for top designers in New York Fashion Week, modeled for the national Prom Edition of Pageantry Magazine, featured and listed in the Top Ten Pageants and Top Ten Miss Pageants by Pageant Planet and Pageantry Magazine, plus other featured in other red carpet events.


What qualifies a Teen?

Teen is 14-18 years old on or before the first day of the national event, is a citizen of the United States, by proof of a birth certificate.

We are looking for the women who are the total package: grace, poise, elegance, integrity, enthusiasm, physically fit, outstanding communication skills, serves the community and displays strong patriotic and family values… The True American Beauty.


The areas of competition for the Teen:
Personal Interview: Intelligence, confidence, communication, personality
Swimsuit Competition: Fitness, confidence, beauty
Evening Gown Competition: Beauty, poise, personality, charm
Interview will be a three minute panel interview counting one third of the score.
Swimsuit will focus on physical fitness, beauty, confidence, poise, and grace counting one third of the score.
Gown will focus on elegance, beauty, confidence, poise, and grace counting one third of the score.
Top ten will compete in onstage question, swimsuit, and gown.
Top five will answer final question.


What do we want in a successful and involved Teen Queen?
Community Service Activities
Promotes Education
Platform Service
Charity Support
Empowerment and Advancement of Women
A Heathy Lifestyle
Strongly Patriotic


We offer endless opportunities:
Fashion Week in  New York City
Modeling for Designers
Meeting Designers
Local and National Television
National Media
Charity Evens
Platform Functions
and much more


We offer:
Strong Board
Committee Support
Media Support
Custom Crown
Custom Sash
Opportunities for Advancing a Resume
Judging Opportunities
Emceeing Opportunities
Forever Queen Family
A Life Experience


Some Exciting Events during the National Pageant in Savannah, Georgia: (Not just rehearsals)
Opening Meeting
Riverboat Dinner Cruise
Honey Tasting
Scavenger Hunt
Appearances at Several Sponsors
Leopold's Famous Ice Cream
Swimsuit Photo Shoot
Queens Gala
Swimsuit Competition
Gown Competition
On-Stage Question
Winners Photo Shoot


Official Custom Crown
Official Custom Sash
$1000 (given to the winner when at least 10 are in the age division Teen, Miss, Ms. and Mrs.)
Official All-Star United States photo shoot
Hotel accommodations for the following year’s pageant
Photo disc for the following year
All events at nationals including the Dinner Cruise and Gala for the reigning year
Seats (2) for immediate family at the national pageant for the farewell
Full ad page in farewell program
Featured in multiple forms of media
Events and Appearances around the nation
Plus more goodies and opportunities
Forever Queen
All events at nationals including the Dinner Cruise, a Show at the historic Savanah Theatre, and Gala for the reigning year.


 A Life Experience

The Miss All-Star United States Pageant is a strongly patriotic group that provides a top quality pageant production whereby providing an outlet for the women of America to continue and advance their community service activities. The Miss All-Star United States Pageant believes in the empowerment and advancement of women across our great nation. It is vital in today’s society for young women to get involved and stay active in their communities, state and across the nation. It is imperative that the young women who do not wear the state or national crown realize there is still much more to achieve. Even more importantly, the lady who does wear the crown must understand that it does not and will not end with the crown. She must use the crown to help promote her platform and charities along with the national platform. As a matter of fact, it is more important for her to stand strong and have a powerful support system to achieve all of the goals of the state and national pageants along with her own goals. We believe in providing empowerment and advancement of women while promoting community involvement and a healthy lifestyle.