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Woman with Stage IV Breast Cancer Wins Beauty Pageant

White entered the Miss All-Star United States Pageant in April, and won the title of Miss West Virginia for the Mrs. division. “It was a shock, like, did this really happen?” White says of winning. “Because when I started the journey towards Miss West Virginia, it was just something to focus on. Win or lose, I was just going to do it. If I lose, I lose. It was just something to get me out […]

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Woman Battling Breast Cancer Uses Beauty Pageant To Inspire

“I’m trying to teach my kids that no matter what happens— good and bad things happen, there are winners and losers, people get cancer, other people don’t get cancer— it’s a part of life,” White said. “I’m hoping that by being the way I am that I’m teaching my children to be strong.” Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2016/08/08/woman-battling-stage-4-breast-cancer-uses-beauty-pageant-to-inspire.html Tammy Johns, national director of the Miss All-Star United States Pageant, described White as “fantastic.” “She truly does not […]

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